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>>Zinc oxide adhesive plaster

Zinc oxide adhesive plaster is a kind of tape painted with adhesive made of natural rubber and zinc oxide etc on weaving-cloth back lining. It is used in surgical operation, for the fastening of dressing or catheter, and in sports protection, labor protection and industrial packaging as well.
Product Characteristics
      Strong adhesiveness, excellent compliance and no residue glue;
      Easy to store, long storage life and convenient for usage;
      Diversiform styles and complete specifications. Basis material of various colors are available, for instance, elastic basis material, waterproof basis material as well as various kinds of packaging forms such as tinned plate tin, plastic tin and paper sleeve tin. Also, it can be cut into saw-tooth pattern.
How to use: Clean and dry the skin, open the cushion if there is one, then tear off the plaster the length you need, and plaster it on the target. Please do it gently when taking off the adhesive tape
Storage: Surgical adhesive plaster should be stored away from light, with relative humidity no more than 80 percent .Temperature between -5C30C, without Corrosive gas and in good condition of venting.
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