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>>Paper Surgical Tape


Our paper surgical tape is hypoallergenic and latex free. With medical hot-melt adhesive agent painted on the lining of non-woven cloth and uncoiling agent on the back, Ruri surgical tape tears easily. It is widely used in surgical fastening dressing and low-weight catheter and as the fastening of nursing wound after large-area operation. Our paper tapes are soft, of good air permeability, comfortable to feel and makes no harm to the skin.

Product Summary
     Adopting low-sensitization medical hot-melt adhesive agent, the product is painted with uncoiling agent on the back and its back lining is mainly made of soft, slight and air-pervious basis material.
Product Characteristics
      1.With reliable adhesiveness, low sensitization, excellent compliance, no residue glue, no harm to skin and air permeability, it enables the skin to breath freely;
      2. Most are easy-to-tear products, making usage very convenient and comfortable;
      3.Diversiform styles and complete specifications. Basis materials include micro-pore non-woven fabrics, PE punching, silk cloth, anti-seize paper as well as all kinds of cotton cloth. The packaging models and specifications can be customized according to all kinds of regions and customersí» individual requirements.
Clinic Application
      1.Apply to clean and dry skin;
      2. When adhering, please gently press the adhesive tape from center to the two sides, making it closely combine the skin;
      3.Please doní»t adhere the center of adhesive tape to the wound.
Operating Instruction
     Owning advantages of excellent application, softness and comfort, air permeability, low irritability and no damage on skin, in addition to applying to surgical fastening dressing and light-weight catheter, it more applies to fastening of nursing wound after large-area operation, for instance, gauze fastening, binding fastening after surgical operations, fastening of light-weight catheter, transfusion pipe, plaster or other medical dressing as well as other general fastening.
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