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        Zhong Tian Healthful Material Company is a professional manufacturer of surgical material, such as zinc oxide adhesive plaster, PE surgical tape,silk surgical tape, waterproof surgical tape, paper surgical tape and adhesive wound plaster, which are widely applied in medical care, chemical industry, industrial packaging and some other areas. Our annual producing capacity reaches around 8 million square meters.
        Our company is located in Changzhou, a city within two hour¡¯s drive to Shanghai and now the biggest manufacturing base for surgical plaster and tapes in China. Since 1998, we have been emerging as an important producer in this area with our unique way of quality control and reasonable cost management. We have enough flexibility and experience to meet our customer¡¯s expectation. As an export-oriented company, we can also produce private label for you according to your design and wishes.
        Our products have been authorized with CE, ISO 09001, 13485-2012 by the German company TUV, so we can assure you a very competitive price with standard quality.
         ¡°Quality means most, customers come first¡± is Zhong Tian¡¯s philosophy. We would like to build up lasting mutual beneficial relationship with all friends home and abroad. We are looking forward to serving you and meeting you in our company or any other parts of the world. Financial investing or technology co-operation are also very welcome.
        Let¡¯s make our life safer and healthier!

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